A Letter to Pastors from Brad

Dear Pastor,

Being in the pastorate office for many years as a Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor, I understand the cares of the church you as a shepherd carry. Operating in the office of an Evangelist, I understand the great need of the equipping of the saints to do the work of the ministry - sharing the Gospel. Having been in full-time ministry since 1987, traveling throughout the United States and abroad, ministering in countless hundreds of pulpits, arenas, and on the streets, one things remains...the harvest fields are ripe and ready for harvesting!

Jana and I have sensed a stirring in our hearts for the last days harvest. The time is now. The beauty of Ephesians 4:11-12 says, "And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ." Partnering together, as a Pastor and Evangelist, we can make a difference as we serve Him wholeheartedly in our roles and giftings. Philip was used as an Evangelist to preach the Gospel to the lost. Timothy was a man who went to already established assemblies and mobilized those people to evangelize their city. 


The world needs the church to be the church! Spirit filled, Spirit led, men and women of God, who are equipped to fearlessly and boldly to make known the Gospel to those who are in their world, bringing them into the church to be discipled and to grow in their walk with Christ under a shepherd. I do believe that this is the hour that God is raising up the ministry office of authentic evangelists and revivalists to reach the harvest and call the church to a renewed revival for souls.

It is my belief that the church must grow through evangelism otherwise we end up with traditional denominationalism, and lose a primary commitment to evangelism and missions. I want to help in any way I can bring the heart of soulwinning to the church.


I would be honored if you would have me come and partner with you in ministry. I know the impact we could have together would reap eternal significance. Below are a few letters of recommendation from Pastors who have had me minister at their churches. 

All for the Harvest,

Brad Tuttle

What Pastors Are Saying


“I would like to say how much my wife & I truly appreciate the ministry of Pastor Brad Tuttle! We had Pastor Brad minister at our church here in California in November of 2014! What a True Heart Changing time of ministry in my life, my wife, our leaders & church family! The Lord truly used Pastor Brad to IMPART THE HEART, LOVE & COMPASSION OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, to the entire congregation! Our church has not been the same since that service in November and the FRUIT STILL REMAINS!

There were key salvations, recommitments to Christ and hearts revived with a passion to reach lost souls!!! Our Church has truly been changed! Since Pastor Brad ministered here at WHCO, our members have reached more souls for Christ; also new members have been added to the church and our members are giving "monthly" donations to the missions ministry! We Thank God the Lord used Pastor Brad to revive, stir, and impart to our church, the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are still experiencing the fruit of that service months later! We give God the Glory for all the Fruit we are experiencing, however we are also thankful for the preparation, the passion, the pure heart and the Kingdom Purpose that burns in Pastor Brad's heart!!!


I VERY RARELY give ministry recommendations, however myself, my wife & our church are experiencing the Fruit of "The Life & The Ministry" that God has raised up in Pastor Brad Tuttle. Without hesitation I encourage every Pastor who is considering having a true Evangelist with a pastoral heart to come and serve God's people to invite Pastor Brad Tuttle! My Prayer & Expectation is that the Lord will do much more than all you can ask or think!”


In His Service,
Kem Gaskin
Senior Pastor; World Harvest Christian Outreach

Lancaster, CA



"We were so honored to have Pastor Brad Tuttle from Dallas, TX with us this morning and what an on-time Word he brought. God is so good! Thank you for stirring us to be even more bold for Christ."

Pastor Don Young

Senior Pastor; Spirit of Truth Church

Washington Court House, OH

Springfield, OH